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Welcome to UruguayNow!

UruguayNow is the first dedicated, constantly updated English-language travel guide to Uruguay

Carnival in Montevideo

Carnival is coming

The world's longest carnival is in Montevideo

Rio Santa Lucia, Uruguay

Where it all began

The small, sleepy town of Santa LucĂ­a was – surprisingly – Uruguay's first tourist resort

Surfing in Uruguay

Uruguayan extreme sports

Uruguay has more to offer than just warm weather and sandy beaches. It is also a haven for sports enthusiasts.

Literacy in Uruguay

Words on the street

Evidence of literacy – and literature – is everywhere in Montevideo

Uruguayan Property Market

Diving into the Uruguayan property market

There are plenty of opportunities...

Discovering the north of Uruguay

Inner beauty

Uruguay’s interior is full of history, as well as a varied and low-key charm

Torres Garcia museum in Montevideo

Portrait of the artist

JoaquĂ­n Torres GarcĂ­a changed Uruguayan art forever

Tristan Narvaja market in Montevideo

Market forces

Don't miss Montevideo's wonderful Tristán Narvaja street market

Football in Uruguay

Football, football, football!

In Uruguay, the game with the round ball is the only team sport

Living in Uruguay

"It's a word of mouth thing"

The secret's out: Uruguay is a great place to buy a second home

Uruguay - a happy country?

A Happy Country

We think Uruguay is getting plenty of things right

Teatro Solis in Montevideo

Theatre of dreams

Montevideo's Teatro SolĂ­s is a great place to hear live music, opera, or watch modern dance

Nostalgia night - a Uruguayan phenomenom

Blast from the past

Uruguay's Nostalgia Night is a national excuse for a huge party

Punta del Este, Uruguay's favourite beach resort

A resort for all seasons?

Punta del Este is thriving, but what can it do to extend its short summer season?

Uruguayan food

What a difference a blueberry makes

Newsflash: Uruguay's cuisine has been catapulted into the twenty-first century

Los Shakers - the Uruguayan Invasion

The Uruguayan Invasion

Montevideo meets Merseyside, musically speaking

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Leading the Way

The life and skills of one of Uruguay's finest ever footballers

The Most Intriguing Match of the Summer Will See Old Rivalries Renewed

The Most Intriguing Match of the Summer Will See Old Rivalries Renewed

Dive Into the Santa LucĂ­a Wetlands

Dive Into the Santa LucĂ­a Wetlands

Visit Uruguay: Handy Money Tips For First Time Travelers

Visit Uruguay: Handy Money Tips For First Time Travelers